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What is Invention?

The invention is defined as "the solution of any specific problem in the industry, including agriculture".

What is Patent?

In the case of a patent, the inventor has the right to manufacture, use, sell or import the product of the invention for a certain period of time. This certificate is also called a patent. The "patent right", which has an important place in traditional terminology and industrial property rights, is the right to an intangible good that is more concerned with developing countries, especially in terms of technology transfer.


Patent and utility model preliminary investigation and application

* Preparation of technical file

Power of attorney.

* Certificate of patent or utility model application fee
The Utility Model is the recognition of the right to manufacture and market the subject of this invention for a certain period of time (10 years) to the owners of inventions which are new in Turkey and in the world and can be applied to the industry. The process of issuing useful model documents is more convenient in terms of both time and expense than patenting.
The Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority examines the Abstract, the Declaration and the Request for Industrial Property Law and the regulation on how to implement it. The institution then conducts a survey of the known level of technology, either by itself or through the contracted Patent Agencies. In other words, whether the invention is already known or not, it is investigated to what level the technology is in this area. The invention is then published by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. This procedure corresponds to a period of approximately 24-28 months.
Patents that can be opened in case of patent infringement;
A) Lawsuits
B) Penal Prosecution
Patents with patents of innovation and inventions are innovations and inventions whose identity is unknown by patent registration processes, and whose identification and identity are not registered, and whose identity is left unidentified to whom and to whom. The inventions that are indefinite and can be claimed by those who do not deserve it. The labor, money and time spent for those inventions. It is hard to describe what belongs to you, no longer belonging to you, distressed, human malaise, anger, frustrations
The protection provided by a Patent or Utility Model Certificate obtained in Turkey is valid within the territory of the Republic of Turkey. In order to be protected in other countries, it is necessary to apply for patent or utility model certificate in the countries where protection is requested. Patent applications can be made based on the utility model application in Turkey in non-utility model protected countries.
Before a patent is filed or a utility model certificate is requested; a comprehensive preliminary survey should be carried out on the technical field in relation to the invention and relevant documents should be compiled and arranged.