Patent and utility model preliminary investigation and application
* Preparation of technical file Power of attorney.
* Certificate of patent or utility model application fee
In order to be granted a patent for inventions, it is obligatory to apply with the following elements determined in the Regulation, the form and scope of which are as follows :
a- Application petition,
b- The description of the invention,
c) Claims or claims covering elements or elements of the invention desired by the patent,
d- Described in the description, claims,
e Abstract,
f- Document showing that the application fee has been paid.
The patent application comprises multiple inventions carried out only on the basis of a single invention and on the basis of a main invention in general terms and connected to each other by the idea of ​​this invention. The completeness of the invention is provided by examining the claims. When the patent application is received by the Turkish Patent Institute, the date of the application, the time and the minute itself are entered and the application is finalized.
Address, Title and Type Change Process Patent or Utility model
Registration Certificate
Original Power of attorney.
Fee and fee paid documentary Preparation of Transfer Agreement and Register Registration
Transfer contract (notarized) Patent registration certificate original Power of attorney.
Fee and fee paid documentary
Preparation of Licensing Agreements and Registry Registration License agreement (notarized)
Patent or F.Model registration certificate
original Power of attorney.
Succession and transfer Court order Patent or U.Model registration certificate If there is a proxy, the heirs of the heirs (notarized) Duties and fees paid Appeal (against patent and utility models published in patent bulletin)
Power of attorney.