Invention defines a solution of a problem in the field of technology.  Concept of invention constitutes foundation of patent law. Patent right is an exclusive right given by law to inventors to produce, make use of, sell or import their inventions for a limited period of time specified under the law.  The certificate granting such right is called patent. The patent owner is entitled to exclude others from making, using, importing or exporting or selling the claimed invention without patent owner’s consent, for a fixed period of time, and in case of infringements, to claim material and moral indemnity.

Patented invention becomes property of the inventor same as other goods which can be traded, rented, rented out.

Among the services we offer are:

  • Patent and utility model preliminary search.
  • Preparation of technical file for Patent and Utility Model
  • Patent and utility model application and follow-up
  • Patent registration procedures in other countries
  • Address, Title and Type Changes
  • Preparation of Transfer Agreement and registering with the Registration
  • Preparation of License Agreement and registering with the Registration
  • Inheritance and Transfer
  • Opposition Action (against patent and utility models published in Patent bulletins)
  • Payment  of and monitoring annual Fees
  • Legal Services



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