The main condition for benefiting from the protection provided by the Industrial Property Law No. 6769 is that the mark is registered by TPMK. An unregistered trademark will not be able to benefit without protection in the sense of the Act. The way to go against the violation of an unregistered trademark will be the unfair competition provisions of TRADE LAW.

Violation is the avoidance of the use of a registered trademark in the sense of the Act 6769 without the owner's permission or the notification of the goods and services carrying that trademark, even though the rape is not known. A registered trademark owner who has breached the trademark right may apply to the judicial authorities and open one of the legal or criminal cases prescribed in its law.

If you think your trademark is being used by someone else, the authority you will apply to is the Civil and Intellectual Rights Civil Courts (CFHHM) which serve as Specialized Courts. "If you do not have FSHHM, you must apply to the Civil Court of First Instance.

A total of 10 specialized courts have been established in our country so far (October 2017).

3 in Istanbul (1 Criminal Court, 2 Civil Court)

5 in Ankara (4 Civil Courts, 1 Criminal Court)

2 in Izmir (Law Courts, 1 Criminal Court)