According to the trademark research experts, if the slogan that has been preliminarily researched in the related sectors is not found to be an obstacle to the registration, the trademark application process is started.
Legal protection of the slogan trademark  or advertising slogan begins when the Turkish Patent (TPMK) is applied.. The experts of the Turkish Patent  examine whether the trademark application is registered or not. The trademark in which it sees no obstacle for registration shall be published in the Official Trademark Bulletin.
The period of publication is 3 months and it is possible to appeal to all third parties during this period.
If there is no objection after 3 months process, TPMK  decides to register and requests registration fee. After the payment of the said fee, the "Trademark Registration" certificate will be issued.

If there is a figurative logo of the Slogan (or you can apply with plain text)
List of goods or services to be used by the mark
Power of attorney
If the applicant is a legal person, the document showing the commercial activity
If the applicant is an identity copy or identification number