Before filing trademark application, we conduct a search for identical or similar trademark. (With 80% , such searches show whether or not the trademark is registered in name of others)

After Trademark Application is made, Turkish Patent Institute conducts procedural review (correct application documentation) and  then conducts Similarity Search. The searches take about 2-4 months in average and those passing the search are announced in Official Trademark Bulletin for 2 months for oppositions from 3rd persons. Oppositions are made during this period. In case of no opposition, decision to register them is taken and published in Official trademark gazette.

Registration takes 5-12 months from Application date in case of no opposition against Trademark Application.

Trademark protection is valid for 10 years. The expired trademark can be renewed. If Renewal is made 6 months before expiry of 10-year period , the fee to be paid will be lower. Applications made 6 months after expiry of 10-year period are valid. However, the fee to be paid in such case increases.