It is also beautiful to find useful innovations ... It is another good to be a person who finds that innovation and creates it.

Pleasant, pleasurable, enthusiastic and proud. The unparalleled satisfaction of coloring and simplifying your praise, appreciation, and life for those you offer for your service and use of your ...

Those who can not live ... that have so much human emotion, though not very pleasant; another human emotion, novelty and application to jealousy ... design.

The design you own ... But there may be those who do not say "no" to the wrong thoughts and feelings as well as those who use and appreciate the design. There may also be misinterpretations of the word "every way is permissible for purpose". Even if it is wrong, they may think that every way is wrong for their wrong purposes! They can not just think and try to cost themselves! Their efforts to buy themselves have failed, and they have seized; they may try to imitate it.

Unfortunately, as a country, let's not forget that we are still in third place in imitation in the world.

Nevertheless, there are still people who think that everything is made free by the free market, and that they can be confused about being free and rambling!

You should not leave your designs that you have created by spending so much effort, time and money. By registering a design, certifying that you belong to yourself and presenting it to people's use, you have to live the beauties you deserve.