The Hague System of international registration of industrial designs has emerged due to the need for an economical, easy and efficient registration system. The Hague Agreement is made up of three different types of texts:

  • Geneva Text which was adopted on 2 July 1999 and entered into force on 23 December 2003 (1999)
  • The Hague text, which was adopted on November 28, 1960 and entered into force on 1 August 1984 (1960)
  • London Text, which was adopted on June 2, 1934 and entered into force on June 1939 (1934)

Our country has participated in the 1999 Geneva Text which entered into force on 23 December 2003 and Law No. 5117 on the acceptance of Turkey's participation in this Agreement entered into force upon publication in the Official Gazette dated April 14, 2004 and numbered 25433. The Decree of the Council of Ministers No. 2004/7849 on the participation of the Hague Convention on the International Registrations of Industrial Designs, to be valid as of the 1/1/2005 date of the Geneva Text, has been published in the Official Gazette No. 25592 dated 23 September 2004. According to this decision, the date of transition of the Geneva Text of the Agreement to the application was determined as 1/1/2005 and as of that date the TPMK has begun to take international applications