1.The logo of the trademark to be registered, (writing character), emblem, label or packaging example

2. List of goods or services to be used by the mark (Trademark class selection); General phrases should not be used when preparing this list. Special Power of Attorney;

3.Power of attorney. Signed person / persons authorized to sign. It does not need to be approved by the notary public. The title on the proxy should be the same as the title on the Activity Certificate.

4. If the trademark is a legal person, full commercial title, full address - if it is a real person, name and surname, place of birth, date of birth,

*Trademark Renewal

1. Power of attorney..

2. Registration number of trademark

* Address, Title and Title Change Process

1.Power of attorney.

2.New adress or title

*Trademark  Transfer

1.Transfer contract (notarized)

2. Power of attorney.

* Preparation of License Agreements and Register Registration

1.License contract (notarized)

2. Power of attorney.

*Inheritance and Transfer

1. Decision of the court

2. Power of attorney

* Objection Process

1. Power of attorney..