In order to ensure the legal protection of a design, it must contain certain elements.

a) Innovation: If a design is the same, the design is not new to the public any time before the date of application or launch, then the design is considered new (IEC 6 / I). Designs are considered the same if they differ only in small details. The comparative designs are evaluated side by side and separately.

b) Distinctive quality The concept of discrimination is used to designate specific qualities and attributes of something. The overall design of an industrial design leaves the informed user with a distinctive difference between the overall impression left by another user and the general impression left by such a user . The degree of difference that a design has to show from other designs in terms of distinctive qualities should be a significant difference.

c) Product or part of the product : A design that is independent of the product does not see legal protection. The design to be protected must be applied to a product or part As a product in KCC; object, compound system or parts of this system, set, set, packages, combinations of multiple objects or presentations that can be detected together, graphic symbols and typographic characters Perception of human senses Design is a feature and concept related to the appearance of the product. The characteristics of the design, while primarily addressing the sense of sight of the person; can be detected with other senses

PROTECTION DATE Registered design is granted "Industrial Design Registration Certificate". The protection period for registered designs is 5 years from the date of application. This means that the employee can be extended for a total of 25 years to be renewed in five-year periods.